Loyalty Points Regulations

The number of earned points per registration is determined by the customer price of the product, times 3, and rounded up. This means that a product costing € 99,95 will grant 300 points.

The number of points needed to receive a reward is determined by the customer price of the product, times 100, with no rounding. This means that a reward costing € 24,95 will cost 2495 points.

Available rewards come from our stock, which is updated several times a day. In the unlikely case that your selected reward is no longer available we will contact you about this.
The reward is not convertible to cash, other goods or services. It is not cumulative.

An account is needed to register products and receive loyalty points, and allows you to see your history of registrations and rewards. The account is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

We have set a hard limit of 5 registrations per day to discourage spam and fraud. Fraudulent registrations will irrevocably lead to the termination of your account and the loss of your loyalty points. We recognise that you may buy more than 5 of our products at once and wish to register them all, so rest assured we can tell the difference between fraud and legitimate purchases. Should you have more than 5 products we advise to wait until the start of the next day to register more.

Last modified: 13/09/2018

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